How tall is Zachary Gordon?

Height: 4' 11" (149.86 cm)


blah says:
lol this may not be any difference but he is actually 4'8"

emiliemms97 says:
shouldn't he be a bit taller right now?

wimpykidgirl10 says:
i'm 4"5 and i'm two years younger than him. but i'm short too.

cheese says:
he can't that short. I'm pretty sure by now he's at least 5 feet tall.

jillian says:
I love Zachary Gordon! He is 4'11" and I think I am maybe a little bit shorter than he is. Just a little bit though.

coolguy123 says:
im 4"8' and im 10 im really short

wimpyaddict says:
he is 4' 11" until now??? me too i'm 4' 11" but im only 11 years old... and i know he is 13 years old...

basta says:
well everybody can be small or tall.... but i was really shocked because he is small....

girlywhirly says:
Zachary Gordon is hot. im 12 and im 4 "11" weird

flower says:
He's not that short and i am 11 and i am 5 ft and 6 inches and my mom and dad are not tall maybe he will have a growth spurt and even if he doesn't we will always love him. But i heard that he is 5 feet and 1 inch... i don't know though. :)

wimpkidgirl05 says:
my height is 4"11 where the same how sweet but iam 11years old

bea says:
I'm 10 and I'm 152cm tall

nowitzki says:
I'm 140and I'm 177

looloo says:
I am 12 years and i am a 5ft 7inch and he looks small in diary of a wimpy kid but actually in real life he is 4'11

zacharygordonfan says:
he isnt that short anymore, he is like 156cm now and plus people get older and taller

Do you think he is really this tall? If not, how tall is he?
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