How tall is Jake Short?

Height: 4' 8 ½" (143.51 cm)


cutiechik30 says:
kk so r u really 14 and that tall im 11 and im taller then u and some of my friends witch r like 10 or 11 would b 2 ur size there like 5,6 so just wonderin peace out

alexandra says:
i think i cant date him im 5'3 hes 4'8 dang thats short for jake...... well short o.o my dreams are crushed

alauna says:
Jake is so cute but i really don't believe hes 4'8 but then again hes on a show with 12 year olds and hes 14 so i guss it kinda makes sens so i guss he what i call fun sized haha

toniday says:
Jake is super cute but im 5'2 and 12 so... at lest hes cute :)

noel says:
Jake is so cute. luckily for me I am 4'7 and around his age

efigureskater says:
i dont care if hes cute or not...or just gonna look for his thing any girl would want in a guy.would <3 to meet him tho one day

rushing says:
well his name fits him but it is all about the personality not about the height i mean he is cute and might need a stool to kiss ya

nicole says:
Jake ur really really cute???????????? but im 5'2 but it doesn't matter how tall u r I'm just looking for ur personality thats all it matters

bryn says:
Jake is 5'0". He is not that short! And he is 16 years old, not 12. So he couldn't date you. And besides, why would he be dating someone right now? He's busy.

Do you think he is really this tall? If not, how tall is he?
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