How tall is Chris Colfer?

Height: 5' 10 ½" (179.07 cm)

Standing at 5 feet, 10 ½ inches tall Chris Colfer is taller than 66.6% of all men, as reflected by the figure's fill percentage.

Conversely, at this height he is not as tall as 33.4% of all men.


upton says:
Mr Colfer is a young man and still growing. When was this measurement taken? I'd be willing to bet he's closer to 5' 9" now.

scenestealer4ever says:
I agree with upton. He was still measured as 5'7.5 a year ago and a saw an interview with him standing next to Kevin McHale (who is in his 20's and finsihed growing) at 5'8 and Chris looked a little bit shorter. But at the recent teen choice awards he looked taller than Kevin so I'm guessing he is about 5'9 (:

ilovechriscolfer says:
looking at recent pictures of him at the teen choice awards standing next to kevin mchale - i agree with 'scenestealer4ever' that i think he is now taller than 5'7 and gone around 5'9 or 5'10 :)

bob says:
standing beside dianna (agron) who is 5ft 6in, i wuld say that hes probably more around 5ft 9 :)

kyle says:
This is probably the measurement from when he started Glee. Darren Criss is definitely 6ft and Chris Colfer is just the slightest bit taller. Do you think he could have grown that much in such a short time? Possibly, had it been a rapid growth spurt. But the original measurements are likely wrong.

jake says:
Yeah this height measurement is wrong, Chris Colfer is 5'10 1/2, he mentioned in a his Conan talk show where he said he has a major growth spurt within the year.

gleek says:
Darren Criss is only about 5'8'' I think, and Chris is taller than him (despite the fact the show tries its best to make it seem the other way around). On Conan he said he grew about 4 inches, making him around 5'10'' to 5'11''. I mean, just look at him on Season 1 (he's barely taller than Mercedes) and then on Season 2 (specifically the Christmas episode when Mr. Shue comes to say hi to him at Dalton, the two of them are practically the same height!).

gleekhummel says:
He is currently (7-4-11) 5'10.5, Darren criss is currently 5'8. Darren is done growing but chris is expected to grow more.:) hope I helped:)

Do you think he is really this tall? If not, how tall is he?
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