How tall is Bella Thorne?

Height: 5' 0" (152.4 cm)

Standing at 5 feet, 0 inches tall Bella Thorne is taller than 7.7% of all women.

Conversely, at this height she is not as tall as 92.3% of all women.


jesi says:
She's short for her age But dude... SHE'S FXKING GEORGOUS. :) She should be careful, all those ****ing pervs out there. Probably druling over her pics.

nate100 says:
She iz very pretty and i wish i could talk 2 her 4 a second

ammy says:
bella is such a great actor she deserves everything she alredy has

izzy says:
She's 5'8. She's 13. She's my cousin on my dad's side. I'm Isabella Amy Thorne.

loverbella97 says:
guys all u gays are right the question is how old u guys are but anythin else she is beautiful. bella has to be carefull just as jesi said

haylee says:
i dont think she is pretty i love rocky 10 years old and am 5 foot 3 the doctor said im suppose t be 5 foot 11. rocky rocs

lizz says:
shes not that pretty just wannabe and also who would want to drool over pics

sanders says:
she is beautifull i hope i get to meet her im in the road to success myself

rocky says:
She is 5ft 1in because I know, I really did meet her when we were six! I am not lying!!!!!!

shorty says:
Shes short for her age

hannah says:
I think she is around 5 ft. 1 inch. cause i was looking at pics on Google and i compared her to Kenton Duty and he is 5ft. 7inch

tony says:
i wanna **** bella so bad, im only 15 so its not that bad, right?

mackenzie says:
I feel lame. I'm older than her and I'm 4'10" :P

cece says:
I'm 15 and I'm 5 feet tall! She's younger then me and she's still taller! I feel short!!!!

luvavril says:
what the hack?i'm 13 and i'm 5'6".i feel short

onecoolperson says:
I'm 13 and Iam 5,10

sharanya says:
I am 11 years old and my height is 5 feet 2 1/2 tall,which is 158cm tall. I wish to grow taller than that.

vlad says:
Iam 13 and 6ft tall ha ha

eli says:
well,no matter what her height is...she is still pretty and talented!!!I love her more than zendaya......

shawnny says:
i think she is 5'0 cody is 5'6. (:

chris says:
Iam 5.7 ft is that tall for 13

christiane says:
I'm 6,4 Is it normal for 13

lea says:
6'4 is really tall for 13 Your probably five foot

john says:
Is 5.8ft tall for 13

shorty22 says:
o wow she is definently taller i am 13 and im only 4"6 so im short and she looks like 5"5 or somethin

pascale says:
I'm 14 and im 5ft.6

alex1ava says:
i`m 14 and im 5ft. 2

mark says:
l'm taller than you and i'm only 7 years

aniee says:
im 13 and im 5'3

mitchel says:
im 14, march 16, 1997, 5'3-5'4, i just think bella is gorgious

Do you think she is really this tall? If not, how tall is she?
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